Over 10,000 logins with YoAuth so far. We won $2,500 from Yo too. Safe to say this was a very successful hack!

Heard of OAuth?

Forget that, now we have YOAUTH!

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Developer's Guide:

A. Send user to http://yoauth.herokuapp.com/authorize?redirect_to=[REDIRECT_URL]

B. On success, we'll return them to your site with a GET parameter called yoauth_token

C. Ping http://yoauth.herokuapp.com/validate?yoauth_token=[YOAUTH_TOKEN] and receive JSON of user details! (Example JSON)

New! Integrate using our jQuery library

<head> <!-- Insert this in your head tag -->
   <script src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.js"></script>
   <script src="http://yoauth.herokuapp.com/js/jquery.yoauth.js"></script>
   <script> YoAuth.callback = function(user) { console.log(user); }; </script>
<body> <!-- Insert this in your body tag -->
   <a href="#" rel="yoauth" data-redirect-to="REDIRECT URL">Authorize with YoAuth</a>

Built by Bilawal Hameed at Yo hackathon in NYC. Video via HackerBracket. And we won the Judges Choice! <3

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